Tips to Avoid Annoying International Roaming Charges While Overseas in South Africa
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Planning your trip to South Africa? Great! With the glorious natural wonders and superb cuisine of South Africa in your mind, the cell phone networks may be the last thing that you want to sort out. But while enjoying the beauty of the country, you may end up with racking up an exorbitant cell phone bill due to the international roaming. 

International roaming is when you automatically get connected to a local mobile phone network while travelling abroad. It may sound convenient, but it isn’t cheap at all. The cost of making calls or sending a message can be very expensive. Also, you may be charged for incoming calls as well. 

So, if you don’t want to be shocked by a ridiculously high cell phone bill, it is better to take action to slash the cost. Here are some handy tips to cut the cost of using your mobile in South Africa.

Get a local SIM card when you land

Ordering a local SIM card before your trip is the best and most affordable way to stay connected when you arrive at your destination. It will be much more reasonable to make local calls and use local data while overseas when you have a local SIM. If you travel very often, it is best to consider using a dual SIM phone. Some official stores offer specially designed plans to cater for tourists without having you go through long queues and documentation hassles. You can also get low international call rates by opting for a local SIM card. Upon landing at any of the International Airports in South Africa you will find stores or kiosks inside the airport where you can pick up your pre-arranged SIM card.

Make sure to get your SIM card registered as per the Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication-related Information Act of South Africa, also known as RICA. According to this, you need to supply your passport and proof of where you are staying in SA for purchasing a local SIM.

Find a WiFi spot

A free Wi-Fi zone is no doubt a great and inexpensive way to get in touch with family and friends back home. Often your hotel or accommodation will provide WiFi free of charge. Certain Tours and Transfer companies also provide WiFi in their vehicles. They come with absolutely no cost, but you need to be in a certain radius of an area to use their WiFi.

Avoid using apps with ads

When you have tons of free apps, burden of ads may appear on your screen. The pointless ads pop up repeatedly in the app and make it difficult to use the app.  They are annoying and eat up the data. There is no point in paying for an unwanted ad along with the app.  So, it is better not to use such apps when you are travelling.

Turn off voicemail

Voicemail message can also cost you when you are abroad. Yes, it’s true. If someone calls and leaves a voicemail message, you will have to pay for that call. It can be really expensive as you will need to pay international calling rates for that call. This is why we suggest you turn off the voicemail until you arrive home.

Put these tips to work to save yourself from the potentially nasty shock when you open your next month’s phone bill after taking a spectacular holiday.


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