What’s in a name? African Rondi
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If there's one name in tour companies that you should be committing to memory- it’s definitely African Rondi! African Rondi is a trusted and experienced tours and transfers company that is the new up and comer on the local tour company scene. But what’s in a name anyway? Our clients ask us time and again where our unique company name stems from and so here’s the low down on the proud African Rondi name.


When we were starting up, we knew that we wanted African Rondi to offer the very best in city sightseeing, transfers services, and tours in Gauteng,South Africa and so when we were choosing our name we had to decide on something that not only reflected our mission but also highlighted the diverse and beautiful continent that we are proud to call our home.


While Africa has much more to offer than animals, the beauty that nature has bestowed on this continent simply cannot be overlooked. The animal inhabitants of Africa are among the most varied in the world and the gorgeous vistas and divergent landscapes can at times take your breath away. Even in the cities, you can find beauty in art and the vibrant culture of the people across our nation. There’s simply no end to the allure of the African continent and so as one of Africa’s many tour companies we would have been remiss to not include an acknowledgement to the motherland in our name.

When we got to the word “rondi” however we started getting a bit more creative. Now you may think that word “Rondi” relates to round trips or tours around town... and you would almost be right, and many other tour companies might have gone that route but in actual fact we chose Rondi from a combination of the French word for a meeting or meeting place - rendezvous - and the lekker local slang word for a rondavel - a rondi.


You are probably already familiar with “rendezvous” and it’s not difficult to see why this was an obvious choice for us to include in our name. As one of the trending tour companies in Gauteng we not only want to meet you, but we also want to make sure that you get where you need to go. The word “rendezvous” also echoes our mission - to provide valuable services that will make your next meeting or transfer to a game park a memorable experience. By providing safe and punctual services such as airport transfers, meet and greets, door to door or event shuttles, and long distance transfers, African Rondi will always ensure that your next “rendezvous” in Gauteng is a successful one.


If you are visiting our country for the first time, you might not have heard of a rondavel before, but after a short time you will no doubt be introduced to a “rondi” or two - you might even end up staying in one. A rondavel is a modernised version of a traditional beehive shaped African style hut. Traditional rondavels were made with whatever local materials were available at the time but now days rondavels are usually made from cement and have modern luxuries to make your stay more comfortable.  The significance of choosing rondi in our name is because these huts are icons of our nation. As soon as you lay eyes on a “rondi” they conjure up visions of the African plains and the spirited community that lives there.


So there you have it! That is what you can find in the African Rondi name - diversity, African beauty and community. So when you are choosing tour companies in Gauteng make sure to chat to us at African Rondi to see how we can make your experience a safe, comfortable and memorable one.


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